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The Team

At Exil, we support designers in each and every step leading to their final product.

We are a team of motivated designers and specialists working hand in hand with world-renowned experts from the design field and beyond in order to bring promising projects to life.

Youssef Bassil

After studying product design at the Lebanese Academy of Fine-Arts (ALBA), Youssef undertook a multitude of small freelance projects before joining the team of a well established furniture designer on the lebanese scene. His passion for minimalism has led him to establish studiojuice: his own creative platform which aims for the development of radical ultra-rational and affordable objects that are locally-made in Lebanon.

“I think that being a designer in Lebanon is a real challenge – but it also has some advantages. And up to this day the challenges and advantages we have were never fully harnessed, rendering products of lebanese design unreachable to the majority of people.”

Tatiana Akl

With a bachelor’s degree in product design from the Lebanese Academy of Fine-Arts (ALBA), and a master’s degree in fashion studies at Parson’s The New School, Tatiana co-founded Exil collective.

Driven by social innovation, the creative industry and the artistic scene, Tatiana is juggling between creative projects working as a creative and art director as well as taking on social initiatives for different NGOs to establish their online presence all while assisting on the ground when needed.

“Lebanon is my inspiration, and I firmly believe that there is a sublime opportunity for the design field in Beirut to grow. From drafting initial designs to full scale production, Beirut has always raised the bar higher when it came to creating my own products”.

Antoine Guekjian

A graduate of the Lebanese Academy of Fine-Arts (ALBA) with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design, Antoine now manages his family business specializing in manufacturing Industrial equipment and machinery.

Antoine’s passion for the industrial process, has helped him in his design journey and allowed him to express his creativity through the final and crucial stage of design: the Production phase. It has also helped him in his quest of production solutions to juggle between an industrial approach and a deep knowledge of available local craftsmanship.

“Manufacturing products in Lebanon is challenging due to the lack of local industries. I believe in an alternative through our craftsmen and their unique talent that never fails to deliver products created with passion, care and attention to detail. I am amazed by the connection that is created between the craftsman and the product designer, which is fundamental to the quality of the outcome of a successful product.”

Joseph Geagea

Upon completion of his Bachelor degree in Finance at Cass Business School in the UK, Joe joined Allianz Global Investors as a short-term Equity Analyst for the Thematica fund.

Joe was leading the research of the Smart Cities sub-section of the fund. His experience and research developed his strong thematic approach to investing, led by innovation, demographic shifts, economic scarcity and urbanisation.

He is now based in Zurich working as a Private Banker for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. He is also a junior member of LIFE since 2016, the worldwide membership organisation regrouping Lebanese professionals around the world.

His interest for the artistic world has always pushed him to discover new areas of interest. He is now on the verge of launching a Curation music Label, OMA. Born out of his love of Music and Vinyls, OMA curates the finest sounds in music from talented artists across the globe.

“Lebanon’s human capital has already proved itself to the World as being highly successful and ultra-connected. Further expanding this influence by joining forces and giving exposure to new talents would only confirm the above”

Rania Abillama

Rania Abillama has been gathering experience over the years, as an industrialist, gallerist and design consultant. With Over the Counter that she founded in 2007, Rania’s unique outlook and discerning eye offered her clientele a filter of today’s intelligent solutions and impeccable craftsmanship.

She also contributes to the local design dialogue by regularly hosting creative events in collaboration with leading Lebanese designers and passionate professionals.

Omar Bassil

Omar is a designer with an interest in the relationship between the object and people through time.

His passion for the history of objects and traditional processes translates in his designs with the use of natural materials, creating objects that favor simplicity to blend harmoniously in the everyday life.


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