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Karel Kargodorian & Sacha Samaha

Karel Kargodorian & Sacha Samaha

Karel Kargodorian is a product designer who captures & analyses forgotten details of the daily life. As an Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts high honors student graduate she works on different types of projects thanks to her multidisciplinary knowledge. 

She was awarded a scholarship from House of Today on her second year, and partial merit scholarships  for two consecutive years from Alba. Her passion for art every since a young age allowed her to express her ideas using a wide variety of medias.

Sacha Samaha is a product designer, born in 2000. Growing up the majority of her life outside of her homeland, she has gained big interest in her Lebanese identity and culture since an early age. She was later attracted by product design with a focus of people's daily lives and activities. Fascinated by design history, she aspires to create innovative designs that reflect her cultural identity."


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